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Terms and Conditions


Bespoke Wedding Sculptures

By placing an order with Claytrimony you are confirming you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.




Orders should be made no later than 3 months from the date you would like your wedding sculpture delivered. Orders made on short notice will not be accepted.


A deposit is to be paid no later than 3 months when ordering your wedding sculpture. This secures your slot. The outstanding balance should be paid no later than 2 months from your delivery date. Orders are secured once the deposit is paid.


Deposit: 50% of price quote (non-refundable)


Full payment must be made before we can dispatch your wedding sculpture.


We do not offer set pricing. All orders are bespoke and one-of-a-kind. Pricing is based on the level of customisation requested by the Client. To get a price quote, we will need to see pictures of the Bride and Groom in wedding attire. We do not give quotes without seeing pictures.


If amendments need to be made, Claytrimony can make small changes at Client request. Big changes will incur and additional fee. It is at our discretion to decide what is a small or big change.


All wedding sculptures are made with the materials below.

Main: Polymer clay, acrylic base, wire armature, pastel, wax finish

Extra: paint, net/tulle, lace, gemstones (if needed)


Claytrimony offers free domestic shipping (UK only). International shipping is available upon request. We are not responsible for any postal delays, or delays due to customs. The Client is responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.


The Client is responsible for ensuring they have given the correct delivery address when proceeding to order. Please be sure your address is correct prior purchasing.


Cancellation of your wedding sculpture must be no later that 1 month in advance to receive a refund. The refund will be for the outstanding balance, minus the 50% deposit. After 1 month, the order can no longer be cancelled.



If the wedding sculpture is damaged whilst in your care, after delivery, in transit, at the venue or otherwise, there will be no refund given. All wedding sculptures are packaged to the highest standard to ensure they are fully protected.


Should Claytrimony need to cancel an order due to an unforeseen circumstance that affects our ability to deliver a wedding sculpture, the Client

will be notified and the deposit will be refunded.


Our Bespoke Wedding Sculptures are made from Polymer Clay and have a wire armature inside. They are not edible, and should not be consumed. Sculptures should be kept out of reach from young children and pets.



All bespoke wedding sculptures are made in the style of Claytrimony. They are not exact replicas, and we do not copy other styles. It is at the creative discretion of Claytrimony to stylise wedding sculptures to fit our style.


Claytrimony reserves the right to use any image of our wedding sculptures for publication. This includes but is not limited to, taking pictures and videos of in progress and finished Bespoke Wedding Sculptures. We use this for

promotion purposes on our website, social media, and wedding shows.


It is the sole responsibility of the Client to handle and display their wedding sculpture with care. The wedding sculpture is fragile. Please unwrap the wedding sculpture carefully when taking it out of the packaging.


Hold the sculpture and base with both hands to hold the wedding sculpture securely.


The sculpture should not be picked up by thin or fragile parts of the sculpture.


We suggest keeping the wedding sculpture protected in the box with protective wrapping when it is not on the cake, or in the place it will be displayed.

Thank you!

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