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Claytrimony is a bespoke wedding sculpture service. We specialise in creating one-of-a-kind wedding sculptures of the bride and groom. Our sculptures are hand-sculpted from your pictures, and personalised to you.

The dress, suit, hair, the loving, joyful expressions - We capture all the beautiful details that will shine on your big day!

Our sculptures make beautiful additions to wedding cakes, and create a show-stopping focal point for you and your guests to enjoy. 


Best of all - They are a keepsake! Perfect for couples wanting a precious, meaningful reminder to display at home for years to come.


At Claytrimony, we don't believe in making generic wedding toppers that don't reflect your personality as a couple. Tell us your vision, and we'll create a truly bespoke work of art that will be the centerpiece of your wedding. If you're looking for something truly special for your big day, we're here to make it happen. Check out our service below to find out more about the work we do to create wedding sculptures.

“You really get to see the attention to detail in EVERYTHING. Eyelashes, Earrings... I mean MAGNIFICENT."



Here are some unique ways we can customise your sculpture to make it personalised to you.


Capture likeness and expressions from pictures


Option to add veil


Custom poses


Attention to details including: earrings, lashes, wedding rings and fabric embellishments


Colour matching


Option to add bouquet and other accessories

Made to last

Our bespoke sculptures are not only a beautiful centrepiece for your wedding cake - They are a keepsakes our clients can cherish forever!

Our materials

Main: Polymer clay, acrylic base, wire, pastel, wax finish 

Extra: paint, net, lace, gemstones (if needed)

Our wedding sculptures are made from polymer clay helping us to capture even the smallest features of the bride and groom. They also have a wire armature inside to hold the structure. We use pastels for a natural look, and apply a wax finish to give the overall sculpture a soft shine. It also keeps the colours vivid and protected.

The sculpture is glued to a white, shatter-proof acrylic base. It is very light, easy to clean, and works as a great barrier between the sculpture and your cake.

Our materials have been specifically selected to ensure you will be delighted by the final product, the attention to detail, and the longevity.

Our process

We start by asking for your wedding date. This is followed by you sending us pictures of the B&G in wedding attire, and filling out our Inquiry form. We will then give you a price quote. This is done 3 months in advance, but can be completed earlier.

Next, a 15-minute consultation will be arranged where we discuss the special features you would like in your wedding sculpture, and ensure everything is correct.

We will then begin making your wedding sculpture, and will send progress updates periodically for you to approve until the sculpture is finished.

Once your wedding sculpture is complete, we will refer to your requested delivery date, and pack and ship your sculpture to your delivery address.


You can request delivery up to 2 weeks in advance in our form.

How much are our wedding sculptures?

Starting price: £350

*Final quote will depend on level of customisation

How to order

Message us

Message us on WhatsApp to check availability for your wedding date. 

Inquiry form

Fill out our Inquiry form to tell us more about your sculpture.

Send us your pictures

Send us pictures of the bride and groom in wedding attire.

Full-length pictures: Front and back view 

Portrait pictures: Front and side view

Accessories: Actual accessories, or image of something similar

We need this to give you a price quote.

Pay your deposit

Pay a 50% deposit to reserve your slot.

The deposit is non refundable. 

Deposit: 3 months in advance (can be paid earlier)

Outstanding balance: 2 months in advance (can be paid earlier)

Orders should be made no later than 3 months in advance.

We do not accept orders on short notice.

Thank you! :)
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